The Salvation Army

From the great 1900 Galveston hurricane to hurricane Sandy in 2012, The Salvation Army continues its commitment to serve disaster survivors at their time of need. Whether a natural disaster or man-made event our response is the same; meet the needs of survivors by providing life sustaining needs, then stand beside survivors throughout the recovery process filling gaps left behind when combined resources of personal insurance, state and federal funding programs leave individuals and families unresolved.


Website: disaster.salvationarmyusa.org

U.S. First Responders Association

The U.S. First Responders Association (USFRA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of a network of colleagues from Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, EMS as well as all divisions of the military. USFRA’s goal is to work together to strengthen safety initiatives, develop enhanced training programs and combine efforts to maximize community outreach programs. USFRA is one of the few national nonprofits that embrace all aspects of first response. Long term goals include educational and scholarship programs for youth interested in a career in first response and assistance with displaced veterans.


International Association For Disaster Preparedness And Response

The International Association for Disaster Preparedness and Response (DERA) was founded in 1962 to assist communities worldwide in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and to serve as a professional association linking professionals, volunteers, and organizations active in all phases of emergency preparedness and management. DERA currently has active members around the world, representing national governments, non-profit associations, official agencies and departments, educational institutions, corporations, small business concerns, emergency management professionals, researchers, and volunteers. If you share our interest in emergency management and disaster preparedness, we would welcome you as a member.

Website: www.disasters.org

American Preppers Network

American Preppers Network is an organization dedicated to bringing "preppers" together and providing educational services, online classes, resources and workshops in the fields of survival, preparedness, and sustainability. APN’s motto is Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance. The APN network is not intended to promote any religion or group other than those who are interested in surviving the current economic crises, increased natural and man-made disasters, increased crime and any type of oppression that could be imposed on Americans. It is not a network to promote hate or violence, but rather a Survival and Prepping Network. The Preppers Networks consist of the main APN blog, the APN forum, 50 State Prepper sites and forums, and our international friends and partners including but not limited to the International Preppers Network, Canadian Preppers Network and their 13 Provincial Prepper sites, along with links to many other blogs and independent sites relating to preparedness and survival.

Website: americanpreppersnetwork.com, www.americanpreppersnetwork.net

PREPARE Magazine

The purpose and mission of PREPARE Magazine is to provide expert and purpose-filled training in preparation (preparedness), self-sufficient living, and survival skills for difficult times that may be approaching. We have studied and worked to develop our own preparedness lifestyle and have seen many changes in the self-reliance movement. There is a lot of fear emerging in the hearts of people, and often poor decisions are being made as a result. The goal is to provide quality and expert training, encouragement, and resources, to help people become better prepared. We want to help facilitate and build a strong community of like-minded people who bond together with the message of hope and life.


Website: www.preparemag.com