iEPN members reveal their level of engagement and topics of interest by interacting with web pages, landing pages, emails, online forms, blogs, webinars, special events, online events, white paper downloads, product literature and social media channels. These activities are captured and stored in a central database.

Armed with this data, the iEPN can (finally) track, report and analyze how effective we are in building community resiliency. The level of accountability and specific, actionable metrics that these systems provide is a welcome change to the push-and-pray / spend-and-wait / air war model of traditional propaganda-sheets and disaster expos at the mall.



The revenue engine is an integrated marketing and sales system powered by the iEPN P-3 advertising partnerships, in a sense it is an opportunity funnel.


It does this by synchronizing emergency management strategy, processes, content, technology and analytic's so that the interface design delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience at every stage of building community resiliency. These metrics form the basis for optimizing or tuning the revenue engine to generate a reliable flow of public private partnerships.