It’s A Disaster! ...and What Are You Gonna Do About It? Is A Unique Customizable Disaster Preparedness And Basic First Aid Manual For Agencies, Businesses, Volunteer Groups, Nonprofits And Others To Help "Whole Communities" Prepare For The Unexpected.

Bill and Janet Liebsch, founders of Fedhealth and authors of It’s A Disaster! are dedicated to helping the public focus on preparedness and health-related issues and financially benefiting First Responders, nonprofits, schools and volunteers.

The daily reports of disasters keep reinforcing that people need to take personal responsibility for their own and their families' safety. This 266-page book, used by emergency officials nationwide, helps families and businesses prepare for and respond to most types of disasters, emergencies (including active shooter incidents) and basic first aid needs.




Benefits for IEPN Partners, Sponsors and Advertisers

The IEPN partners, sponsors and advertisers are guaranteed the opportunity to place their logos, coupons, and special messages strategically on the outside cover or in the first 12 to 300 pages of the book.

The local and national couponing concept incentivizes readers to reach out and locate the IEPN sponsorship members and advertisers cashing in on tremendous savings and discounts, so it actually pays the public to get involved and be prepared. Sponsorship members that continue to offer up-to-date "value-added-services" and savings on day-to-day items provide a major plus for recipients to keep their "Disaster Manual" handy throughout the year.


Benefits for Communities

Customized IEPN books are a tremendous part of the stimulus program and overall initiative to help raise disaster awareness and emergency preparedness in this country. The IEPN makes preparedness rewarding through couponing incentives helping to stimulate families, businesses and the public-private partnerships to build safer and more resilient communities year after year.