interactive Emergency Preparedness Network

The interactive Emergency Preparedness Network

The main objective for Global Innovations centers on community resiliency. The iEPN possesses a robust interface design that essentially connects all levels of emergency management together in a common effort to get people from “Knowing to Doing” through interactive and engaging processes conceived through academic leadership. Currently the iEPN Network is comprised of six (6) major components that will be introduced over a predetermined period in 4 phases, starting with;

1. Phase 1 – An annually held competitive Olympic style event known as the “Cargo Bike Races” the event is centered on disaster mitigation methods and public private partnerships. The annual cargo bike event creates a space that merges both public and private sectors together in a grassroots crusade for branding and marketing preparedness and community resiliency. The annual event is a platform for a media frenzy publicizing disaster awareness. All iEPN sponsors, celebrities, and public-private partnerships will join together in this nationally televised competition.

2. Phase 1 - Is a six foot-6-inch / portrait style interactive and engaging touchscreen kiosk designed for the purpose of a preparedness-message gateway that is technologically capable of supporting all levels of disaster mitigation and preparedness messaging.

3. Phase 1 - A well-known and highly acclaimed emergency preparedness manual championed by the Salvation Army and known by many as the “Disaster Guide”.

4. Phase 2 - A grassroots program known as the 911 Visual Communications Network (VCN) that for the first time in the history of emergency management that truly enhances response efforts and the efficiency of first-in-teams by reducing the size of the search area within the damage path. The VCN is a mission critical tool that standardizes the "CRY"  for medical help / saving time, saves lives.  

5. Phase 3 - unique concept for a “Revenue Engine” powered with the profit dollars generated by a multitude of P-3 advertiser’s and our iEPN members. A Revenue-Engine that continues year after year to support public-private partnerships efforts that are committed to building community resiliency and emergency preparedness.

6. Phase 4 - Lastly our multi-functional preparedness "App". Since Kids like to learn through engaging and interactive edutainment processes the "Disaster Alley" app was designed to be an edutainment style of learning. The educational app teaches kids how to prepare for all types of emergencies, that includes preparedness practices embedded in gaming concepts for children of all ages.