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It has been said by many, that we cannot predict the next disruption or the next "Big One", but  we can however, control how we respond to a disastrous event. The Public-Private Partnership (P-3) between the Salvation Army, the US First Responder Association and Global Innovations was born from the mutual desire to “teach survivors Resiliency,” so that survivors caught in the path of a catastrophic event can act in accordance with basic principles of emergency preparedness.

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The "Visual Communications Network" created by Global Innovations is the must have tool alerting First Responders to Medical Emergencies

Hurricane Katrina - Trapped in the Superdome : Refuge Becomes A HellHole

First Response Medical Teams Prepare storm victim for MedVac

Dallas Texas First Responders

Emergency Response Teams Fighting Against Time

Holding On to What Matters the Most

Homeless Victims Fully Exposed to the Elements of Nature